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Leena Bhattacharya Mithal

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Issam A Mikati

Northwestern University USA

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Rare Diseases 2022

About Conference

Conferences Series LLC Ltd invites all the participants from all over the world to attend World Summit on Rare Disease” in collaboration with Organization for Rare Diseases India(ORDI) and Rare Genomics Institute along with Editorial Board Members, External Scientific Association, Researchers, Academicians, and Pharmaceutical Market Leaders around the globe, scheduled on November 21-22 , 2022 in Rome, Italy.

Rare Diseases 2022 is a global platform to discuss and learn about Rare Diseases like haemophilia, cystic fibrosis, lupus, motor neurone disease, acromegaly, Fragile X syndrome, Gaucher’s disease, Gorlin’s syndrome and idiopathic disorders, rare genetic diseases, Orphan Drugs, Alzheimer’s Disease and many more.

World Summit on Rare Disease will be a valuable and important platform for inspiring international and interdisciplinary exchange at the forefront of drug research. Over the course of 2 days, internationally-renowned speakers will describe how their research journeys have developed in response to contemporary challenges: Inspirational and innovative lessons in drug research. The attending experts and industry partners will also provide a fantastic networking experience.

The series of keynote talks, poster presentations, workshops, discussions and networking events will keep participants engaged in learning and making new connections at RARE DISESES 2022.

RARE DISESES 2022 will bring together scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, academicians, medical officers, CEO’s, CSO’s and technologists from all over the world to debate on the latest scientific advances in the field of rare diseases & orphan drugs that help to shape current and future challenges in drug research. We hope that you will take this opportunity to join us for academic exchange and visit the city of Rome, Italy.

Benefits of Attending RARE DISESES 2022

This year RARE DISESES 2022 gives you single best chance to achieve the biggest gathering of members. Exchange ideas and create network with leading Health care professionals and researchers from more than 40 countries. This full day event is a platform where you can also meet our previous year eminent speakers and can hear about their experiences, including practical tips and tricks. It is also a great opportunity to network with other new experts in this field.


Scientific Sessions

Session 1: Different types of Rare Diseases

An orphan disease is a rare disease (according to US criteria, a disease that affects fewer disregards (such as cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis, and malaria) because it is far more prevalent in developing countries than in the developed world. Public health practitioners use a combination of disciplines that include basic science, epidemiology, behavioural research, clinical research, health care services, statistics, economics, and policy to identify the primary or secondary causes of health threats and then consistently prevent or decrease these causes in entire populations.

Rare Diseases Conference  | Rare Diseases Meeting  | Rare Diseases Symposium  | Rare Diseases Seminar  | Rare Diseases  Event  | Rare Diseases Science Forum  | Drug Delivery congress

Session 2: Clinical Research and Public Awareness

Valinemia is a very infrequent metabolic disorder. It is distinguish by elevated stages of the amino acid valine in the blood and urine caused by a deficiency of the enzyme valine transaminase. This enzyme is requiring in the breakdown (metabolism) of valine. Obesity resembles some major health risks it can lead to impair of quality of life include the most frequent type2 diabetes cardio vascular diseases and certain type of cancers. Diabetes is most commonly seen metabolic disorders which is acquired by genetic factor.

Rare Diseases Conference  | Rare Diseases Meeting  | Rare Diseases Symposium  | Rare Diseases Seminar  | Rare Diseases  Event  | Rare Diseases Science Forum  | Drug Delivery congress

Session 3: Mystery Diagnosis of Rare Diseases

An orphan drug can be determined as one that is used to handle an orphan disease. For example, haem arginate, used to control small cintermittent porphyria, variegate porphyria, and hereditary coproporphyria is an orphan drug. A medicinal product which is came into the source as orphan drug is one that has been developed especially to treat a rare medical condition which is found, the condition itself being referred to as “orphan disease.” It may be defined as drugs that are not evolved by the pharmaceutical industry for economic reasons but which respond to public.

Rare Diseases Conference  | Rare Diseases Meeting  | Rare Diseases Symposium  | Rare Diseases Seminar  | Rare Diseases  Event  | Rare Diseases Science Forum  | Drug Delivery congress

Session 4: Allergic and Immunologic Disorders

Allergies, also known as allergic diseases, are a number of Pathology caused by hypersensitivity of the immune system to typical yon toxic material in the environment. These diseases include food allergies, dermatitis, hay fever, atopic dermatitis, allergic asthma, and anaphylaxis Allergic diseases and the major symptoms occur because of an growing immune system that reacts to things that are usually harmless, such as pollens, pet dander etc. They can be easily diagnosed if we are under good control of it.

  • Allergy Pathogenesis
  • Asthma
  • Complement-Related Abnormalities
  • Immunodeficiency
  • Transfusion Reaction
  • Urticaria and Angioedema

Rare Diseases Conference  | Rare Diseases Meeting  | Rare Diseases Symposium  | Rare Diseases Seminar  | Rare Diseases  Event  | Rare Diseases Science Forum  | Drug Delivery congress

Session 5:  Rare Genetic Diseases

Numerous suspected cases of genetic disorders endure undiagnosed or misdiagnosed due to the absence of connected clinical as well as diagnostic assets in the region, bring about patients to face an immense psycho-socio-economic emergency and numerous a time suffer long-lasting with their ailment. The disorganization that affects one child can be very dissimilar from how it affects another. They are different cause of rare diseases mainly the genetic growth directly caused by chromosomes in some cases it may also cause from one generation to another generation.

  • Rare Genetic Diseases
  • Proteus Syndrome
  • Polymelia
  • Neurofibromatosis
  • Diprosopus

Rare Diseases Conference  | Rare Diseases Meeting  | Rare Diseases Symposium  | Rare Diseases Seminar  | Rare Diseases  Event  | Rare Diseases Science Forum  | Drug Delivery congress

Session 6:  Viral Infectious Diseases and Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually dispatched diseases (STDs), or sexually transmitted infections (STIs), are infections that are passed from one person to another through sexual contact. The contact usually happens through sex. But sometimes they can spread through another intimate physical contact. This is because of some STDs, like herpes and HPV, are spread by skin-to-skin contact which automatically happens the body. Human virus can easily spread by the sexual contacts such as

  • Papillomaviruses
  • Hepatitis B virus
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
  • Cytomegalovirus
  • Herpes

Rare Diseases Conference  | Rare Diseases Meeting  | Rare Diseases Symposium  | Rare Diseases Seminar  | Rare Diseases  Event  | Rare Diseases Science Forum  | Drug Delivery congress

Session 7: Drug discovery

Drug discovery is the way new drugs are discovered. Historically, drugs were widely available by identifying the active ingredients from traditional medicine or by accident. Subsequently, ancient pharmacology was used to investigate chemical libraries including small molecules, natural products, or extracted plants, and to obtain those with therapeutic effects. Since human DNA sequence, reverse pharmacology has found a cure for existing diseases by experimentation. Disease procedures, chemical tests, existing treatments with side effects, and new technologies promote drug availability.

Rare Diseases Conference  | Rare Diseases Meeting  | Rare Diseases Symposium  | Rare Diseases Seminar  | Rare Diseases  Event  | Rare Diseases Science Forum  | Drug Delivery congress

Session 8: Orphan Drugs Treatment for Rare Diseases

Drugs that are evolved specifically to treat rare diseases – called “orphan drugs” – often remain economically of Rare Disease Day, it’s worth reanalyse a series of Health care Triage videos we updated last year that majorly focuses on orphan drugs, what’s wrong with the undergoing system, and how we might get ridge out of it. Can we people come out of this undergoing worst system situation? An orphan drug is usually defined as that one used to treat orphan diseases for example heam arginate and many more.

  • Acute intermittent porphyria
  • Variegate porphyria
  • Hereditary coproporphyria
  • Haem arginate 

Rare Diseases Conference  | Rare Diseases Meeting  | Rare Diseases Symposium  | Rare Diseases Seminar  | Rare Diseases  Event  | Rare Diseases Science Forum  | Drug Delivery congress

Market Analysis Report

Importance and Scope

There are over 7,000 classified rare diseases and 70% of them have no form of treatment, there are considerable unmet needs in this area. Regulatory benefits such as longer market exclusivity, breakthrough designations, reduced fees and tax incentives are all encouraging investment. However, the marketing process and lifecycle for a rare disease drug are very different to a mass market product and require particular skills and knowledge.

Rare Diseases-2022 will be the best platform for all the specialists and super specialists, renowned Scientists, research scholars, students who are working in this field across the globe under a single roof to exchange their knowledge related to Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs. This international event is an effort to find an alternative for invasive imaging technique against diseases like haemophilia, cystic fibrosis, lupus, motor neurone disease, acromegaly, Fragile X syndrome, Gaucher’s disease and Gorlin’s syndrome, as well as many others.

ConferenceSeries Ltd welcomes all the specialists and super specialists, research scholars, industrial professionals and student delegates from biomedical and healthcare sectors to be a part of the esteemed Rare Diseases-2017. It also catalyses for information exchange and networking between researchers and business entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds for the advancement of Technology and Research in the field of Rare Diseases. As this will be the best amalgamation of academia and research involving every aspect of empirical and conceptual thinking in exploring new dimensions in this field. It is open to all types of research methodologies both from academia and industry.

Past Conference Report

Rare Diseases 2017 Past Conference Report

With the overwhelming success of the previous conference, Rare Diseases 2017 organizing committee hosted 3rd Annual Congress on Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs during October 30-November 1, 2017 at San Antonio, USA (Rare Diseases-2017). The conference was marked by the attendance of Editorial Board Members of supported Conference Series LLC Ltd. journals, Scientists, young and brilliant Researchers, Business Delegates and talented Student Communities representing more than 20 countries, who made this conference fruitful and productive. This conference was based on the theme, “Platform to share new treatments and research for Rare Diseases” which included the following scientific tracks:

  • Different Types of Rare Diseases
  • Clinical Research and Public Awareness
  • Mystery Diagnosis of Rare Diseases
  • Challenges in Rare Diseases Treatment
  • Rare Infectious Diseases and Immune Deficiencies
  • Orphan Drugs- Development Trends and Strategies
  • Clinical Research on Orphan Drugs
  • Orphan Drugs and Ethical Issues
  • Future Hereditary of Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs
  • Entrepreneurs Investment Meet
  • Rare Diseases in Cancer
  • Rare Diseases in Aging
  • Patient Organizations and Their Role in Drug Development or Clinical Research

We are thankful to our Honorable Guests for their generous support and suggestions:

  • Harsha Rajasimha, George Mason University, USA
  • Stella Blackburn, QuintilesIMS, UK
  • Anton Yuryev, Elsevier, USA

The conference proceedings were carried out through various scientific-sessions and plenary lectures, of which the following topics were highlighted as Keynote presentations:

  • Rare diseases and orphan drugs: Passion and compassion or growing market with career opportunities for scientists and technologists?” given by Harsha K Rajasimha, George Mason University, USA.
  • Speeding up access to medicines for patients with unmet medical need: Integrating evidence and regulatory pathways” given by Stella Blackburn, QuintilesIMS, UK.
  • Mitochondrial bioenergetics in porphyria: Studies in peripheral blood cells” given by Ashwani K Singal, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA.
  • OP-101: A novel therapy for treatment of childhood cerebral Adrenoleukodystrophy” given by Sujatha Kannan, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA.
  • Various sessions were chaired by Amrik Sahota, Rutgers University, USA; Tony Zbeidy, Orphan-Europe, France.

Conference Series LLC Ltd has taken the privilege of felicitating Rare Diseases 2021 Organizing Committee, Editorial Board Members and Keynote Speakers who supported the success of this event. The esteemed guests, keynote speakers, well-known researchers, and delegates shared their innovative research and vast experience through their fabulous presentations at the podium of grand Rare Diseases 2021. We are glad to inform that all accepted abstracts for the conference have been published in Conference Series LLC Ltd Journal of Genetic Syndromes & Gene Therapy as a special issue.

We are also obliged to various delegate experts, company representatives and other eminent personalities who supported the conference by facilitating active discussion forums. We sincerely thank the Organizing Committee Members for their gracious presence, support, and assistance. With the unique feedback from the event, Conference Series LLC Ltd would like to announce the commencement of the "World Summit on Rare Disease" during November 21-22 , 2022 in Rome, Italy.


To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date November 21-22, 2022

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